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Ayurvedic Remedy For Eczema

Eczema is when some portion of your body gets inflamed and feels itchy, cracked, or rough. Eczema is becoming common in people day by day. Yet, apart from all other treatments, Ayurved is proving to be a great remedy for Eczema. Nanal Ayurved provides consultancy services including ayurvedic remedies for eczema in Perth or any other part of the world.

Ayurvedic Remedy for Eczema

Here are some ayurvedic remedies for the eradication of eczema permanently.

They are as follows:

  1. Stress Management Today no one is leading a life without stress. Stress is a reason for eczema that is quite unbelievable. But it is true that in Ayurved, there are various techniques to reduce stress, cure or prevent diseases like eczema. Those techniques are:

    • Practicing deep breathing, tai chi, yoga, journaling.

    • Listening to soothing music.

    • Meditating regularly.

    • Intaking of herbs like Brahmi, Jatamansi helps in reducing the stress.

These are very time-friendly remedies of Ayurved that control even the recurrence of eczema.

  1. Diet Modification You may not believe it but slight changes in diet can work as a great ayurvedic remedy for curing eczema. Ayurvedic specialists refer to foods with astringent and bitter taste for eczema patients. e.g. Amla, pomegranate, Giloy. Ayurved suggests consuming drinks like Licorice tea and aloe vera juice. Sometimes avoidance of certain foods refers to the modification of diet. It includes meat, refined sugar, acidic fruits, tomatoes, mushrooms, tamarind, vinegar, Seafood like prawns, squid, yeast, fried items, spicy food, or any processed food.

  2. Herbal Remedies There are various herbs in nature to prevent and cure eczema. It includes turmeric, Triphala, neem, cardamom.

  3. Therapy Panchakarma therapy is considered crucial for eczema treatment. It works on your immunity system and throws away all toxins. This therapy includes various processes:

    • Intake of doctor prescribed ghee for minimum 5 and maximum of 7 days.

    • Gentle Message of the whole body by medicated oil.

  4. Other Remedies

    • Neem leaves water bath Taking baths by mixing lukewarm water with neem leaves considered very beneficial for the eczema patient.

    • Neem Oil Keeping the body hydrated is an essential requirement to cure eczema. Applying sunflower oil to the affected area helps to keep it moist and reduce inflammation.

    • Aloe vera Gel Aloe vera gives a soothing sensation to the inflamed and itchy areas.

    • Soap nut water Don’t ever rub but gently apply soap nut water on the affected skin.

    • Hemp Seed Oil This oil helps to keep your body away from any bacterial infection that may further ruin the condition. However, the ultimate treatment depends on the suggestions of an ayurvedic specialist. For better results, you can surely trust on Nanal ayurvedic remedy for eczema in Perth. We understand your problem and prescribe you the best possible ayurvedic treatment.


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