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100 year old Journey of healing

What is Ayurveda?

Ayu means life cycle and Ved means pure knowledge. Hence, Ayurved means pure knowledge of life cycle.Ayurveda is a Natural and Holistic Medical Science.

Ayurveda is being adopted in many parts of the world – it is the right time for you to make that choice too!

Choose Nanal Ayurved to guide you towards healthy living.

Ayurveda is perfect for...













We provide holistic treatments

Proprietary Medicine

Diet Management

Nanal Ayurved has existed over 100 years catering to over 1 millions customers.
How a consult works

Book a free consultation to know more about Nanal Ayurved's programme that will be customized for you.


Opt for your preferred plan and fill out a detailed questionnaire designed by our experienced Ayurvedic doctors.


Choose flexible time slots for your regular consultations.

Meet Our Experienced Specialist

Ayurvedic skills cannot be learnt, it needs to be passed down through generations. Tourists fly in from many countries to meet them. Now we bring them to you.

Vaidya Satyavrat R. Nanal
M.D. Ayurved (Dravya Guna Vigyanam)
  • Consultant Ayurvedic Physician in Mumbai & Alibaug.(Since 2003)

  • X-Lecturer, Yerala Ayurved College, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

  • Proprietor, Madhavi Prakashan (Publication deals with Ayurvedic Books & Magazine). X-Acting-editor: ‘Nanal Madhujeevan’ an Ayurvedic Monthly, Mumbai.

  • X-Editor: Ayurved Vartahar, Multilingual Ayurvedic News Bulletin, Mumbai

  • Advisory editor: ‘Arogyam’ a multilingual monthly, Mumbai. Specialist in using various herbs as single drug therapy in various Diseases

  • Specialist in using non vegetarian food in dietary management of various diseases.

  • Actively prepares medicines used in Nanal Tradition.

  • Writer for various journals: Nanal Madhujeevan, Arogyam, Shiva-mudrankan, Agnihotra chikitsa.

  • Writer/Translator for book on Ayurvedic dietary management in various diseases

  • Has Done television interviews and All India Radio Shows in last 10 years on Concept of Ayurved on Indian Festivals (ABP NEWS), On Various diseases like Diabetes, Acidity, Pediatric problems, Arthritis and many more (Zee Marathi, TV9 Maharashtra)

  • Guest lecturer in various Public Seminars at Mumbai, Nasik, Nagpur

  • Free lance Photographer (Wildlife, Nature, Object)

  • Active in various sports, trekking, jungle trails, Traditional sports, Plant excursions.

Other activites:

  1. He runs 1 Holiday home and 1 Agricultural resort in Raigad District of Maharashtra State.

  2. Actively doing Legal and Authentic Dog and Bird Breeding and is working on research regarding dog health, nutrition related to breeding methods. (Is Zonal Head of AWFA for Mahim Devision – Animal Friends Welfare Association. This association deals with Animal Rights, educating Breeders about rightful and legal Breeding of Animals and welfare of Animals as well as breeders).

  3. Plant Nursery is started in 2017.

  4. Various Food Products and medicines are made from cultivated fruits and foods in own private farm.

  5. Treats Animals, Birds and Plants with Ayurvedic Medicines.

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Namita Nanal
MSc Food Science & Nutrition
PGD Sports Nutrition

Work Experience – OVER Fourteen YEARS OF WORK EXPERIENCE

Founder and Nutritionist Slimming Solutions (Chembur & Shivaji Park)

(Successfully Completed 6 years in January 2020)

  • Worked with brands like Talwalkars, Neulife nutrition and Evolve Med Spa (Birla Pacific Group)

  • Was Visiting faculty with the post graduate department at S.N.D.T women’s university.

  • Articles have been published in various magazines and newspapers like Bombay Times, DNA, Afternoon etc and guest nutritionist on ABP News .

  • Given Lectures in various cooperates (Star, DGF, Parksons & packaging LTD, Writers corporation, Calypso Technology India Pvt. Ltd, Welspun etc ) ,Schools, Indian Football School, Rizvi college.

  • Namita Nanal believes 'lifestyle modification' is the key to weight loss! Her main focus is to achieve an active lifestyle.

  • At Slimming Solutions she has combined modern nutrition with Ayurvedic Therapies.

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Gayathri Mudaliar

I have been a client of Nanal Ayurved global for a few months now and it was the best decision I ever made for the health and well being of my family. All our health issues like eczema , digestive problems, fatigue and low immunity have been addressed and treated under Vd. Satyavrat Nanal’s expert consultation.In modern medicine only symptoms are treated , Ayurved treats the root cause of the disease and pays a great deal of attention to diet and lifestyle along with providing medication.I highly recommend Nanal Ayurved Global and can’t thank them enough for their services.

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Piyoosha & Ninad Kulkarni

Santa Clara, California, United States

I started consulting Namita about my diet in order to lose weight back In 2018. With Namita’s advice I was able to lose about 10 pounds in 2-3 months. My husband, Ninad and I restarted diet consulting with Namita in 2021. This time around I wanted to lose my post pregnancy weight and I convinced Ninad to go on the diet plan as well. With Namita’’s consult I have lost around 8 pounds and Ninad has lost about 11 pounds in less than 2months. Both times it was really impressive that Namita could help me lose weight since I was having an extremely hard time losing weight due to my thyroid issues. Namita provides a weekly plan on what diet to follow and keeps changing it to ensure we can lose weight without being hungry at any point. She works with you to ensure that the diet is easy to follow for both husband and wife and you do not have to take a lot of effort to follow it.  This is really valuable for us since we have a one year old at home who demands a lot of attention.As the diet plan is easy to follow it takes out the guesswork of what to eat. Following Namita’s advice is extremely easy and has proven results. The most important thing is you end up eating wholesome meals and the intermittent cheat days allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and avoid having cravings on a daily basis.

Our Locations

Mumbai, Mahim : 102, Anand Bhuvan, Gore wadi, Mogal lane, Mahim (W), Mumbai

Mumbai, Chembur : 4/4A, Ground Floor, Krishnakunj Building, Shivpuri CHS, Sion- Trombay Road, Chembur, Mumbai


Alibaug : 102, 1st Floor, A-Wing Bldg. No. 4, P.N.P. Society, Opp. S.T.Stand, Alibaug, Raigad, Maharashtra

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