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100 year old Journey of healing

Holistic Treatment Methods

The word Ayurved is made of "Ayu" and "Veda". Ayu means life cycle and Veda means pure knowledge. Hence Ayurved means pure knowledge of life cycle. Ayurved focusses on both elements of "Maintaining healthy life" & "treating various diseases"

The Diagnosis is made solely using Ayurvedic Methodology. It is broadly done in the following three ways:

  1. Darshan pariksha (Visual observation) e.g. Tongue, urine etc

  2.  Sparshan pariksha (Examination by touch): e.g. Pulse examination (NADI PARIKSHA)

  3. Prashna pariksha (Question and answer method) e.g. food habits, dreams etc

In Nanal Tradition we deploy holistic treatment methods leveraging

1) Medicines (Internal & External)

2) Diet management according to ayurved and

3) Panchakarma and Ayurvedic Massage 

Nanal Proprietary Medicines

The specialty of NANAL Tradition’s medicine is that  it contains herbs, various metals (in Bhasma form which is very safe to use) and even includes many food articles [e.g. Indian gooseberry (Amla), pomegranate, apples, cabbage, turmeric, grapes, mango, tomato, milk and milk products like cow’s ghee and many more]. Currently around 300 medicines are in use in Nanal Tradition on regular basis.

Diet Management

Our treatments give utmost importance to diet as compliment to medicines. Diet is recommended to persons on individual basis depending on the ailment. We have published several books in this regard like (Treat your disease with proper food (English & Marathi edition), Medicinal Secrets of Food (English & Marathi edition) 

Nanal Panchakarma

Often certain illnesses need support beyond medicines & diet. Nanal Panchakarma techniques ensure cleansing of body of various toxins to accelerate the healing process. As against common perception this is not about Massages. True Panchakarma has various treatments contingent on seasons