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Panchakarma is the art of healing via massages & oil treatments to soothe the mind, body & soul.

Panchakarma is an important part of treatment in Ayurved. The word ‘Panchakarma’ is made from two words. ‘Pancha’ means five and ‘Karma’ means processes. It means five processes are described in Ayurved which are useful in detoxification or taking out unwanted/vitiated materials/allergens out from body by the nearest path. Panchakarma is useful for healthy persons to cleanse the body on regular basis with different karmas. These karmas are to be done by a healthy person, according to seasonal changes to obtain maximum benefits. Panchakarma is helpful in many diseases and can be done according to the need of the disease treatment.People have a misconception that Panchakarma means various types of massages and few other processes. It is completely wrong. Here we have elaborated the processes of Panchakarma for better understanding.

Comprehensive Suite of Panchakarma Treatments
Herbal Remedies

Preparatory Procedure

[Purva Karma]

Before doing any Panchakarma process, two processes are done as pre-management.

They are

  • Snehan - involves lubrication or oleation of the Body internally and/or externally by using oil & ghee. 

  • Swedan - Full body fomentation (Steam bath) is done with various medicated decoction according to the need. 

We offer Snehan & Swedan procedures aligned with ailments & treatments.

Homeopathic Bottles

Actual Treatment

[Pradhan Karma]

We offer all of the five basic procedures of Panchakarma aligned to patients ailment needs. These include

  • Vaman (Induced emission) for This process shows impact on upper 1/3rd part of digestive system.

  • Virechan (Induced Purgation)- used for Pitta Dosh / Liver problems

  • Basti (Enema) - to nourish  Large intestine for vata dosh

  • Nasya (Nasal Drops) - for nourishment of lungs, neck, shoulder, skull, brain, eyes, nose, ears etc.)

  • Rakta-mokshan (Blood letting) - for ailments of circulation system.

Natural Medicine

Post Procedures

[Pashchat Karma]

This is done after the main Panchakarma procedure to provide nourishment to the body & reduce dryness caused by various procedures. This involves two key elements

  • Oleation & formentation - Snehan  & Swedan 

  • Diet Management - As per , “Sansarjan krama” described in Ayurved to get ones digestive power back at full strength & thus derive maximum benefit of the procedure

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