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Recently a lot of hue and cry was made regarding the menstrual awareness. However, one thing that is being casually taken for ages is the ‘menstrual pain’. The prevalence of menstrual pain amongst women would go beyond measures. However, most of the time it is considered to be ‘normal’ and if unbearable, ‘popping a pill’ definitely works for the time. Now, considering the question that, is menstrual pain normal? Then no! No pain is normal. In this article we would be dealing with one of the most common dietary mistake which aggravates the menstrual pain and solutions to normalize it. In all the Indian kitchens, the common sight is the horde of sprouts. Sprouts are consumed in huge variety in India and round the world. They are often soaked and left to bud overnight. However, these sprouts though nutritious in nature are known to disturb the body, especially when they are left to bud. These when consumed especially during the terminal days of the cycle are known to increase the menstrual pain. Apart from this, they also cause other issues like constipation, flatulence, haemorrhoids (piles), etc. Sprouts are often consumed on a daily basis in many households; however the frequency should be limited to not more than twice a week. Also a few measures should be taken while consuming them: 1. Avoid sprouts at least in the last 10 days of the menstrual cycle. 2. Avoid budding the sprouts. Just soak them and then consume only after cooking them until soft. Avoid eating raw sprouts 3. Before cooking the sprouts, simmer them for a minute on low flame with cow ghee. 4. Add at least 1 tsp of ghee to the sprouts to neutralize the side effect. 5. Do not consume stale sprouts as they have high potency to cause various disorders. Such simple measures can be applied in day-to-day life and one can definitely see the changes in the subsequent cycles. Not all times medicines are necessary; sometimes some changes in lifestyle can work wonders! Even after changes in diet if the menstrual pain persists, consult Ayurvedic Physician for further evaluation on a priority basis. Ayurved does not only provide information about foods, it also emphasize on the scientific way of cooking. Knowing what your food does in your body is important but how to consume it is more important to be healthy. Ayurved advocates this thought. Start consulting Ayurvedic Physician to understand the exact way of cooking your food for your better health.

-Vd. Pooja Gupte & Vd.Satyavrat Nanal Nanal Ayurvedic Clinic, Chembur Branch Tel:+91-22-25220599,

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