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De-worming: The Ayurved View

‘The roads to happiness pass through the bellies!’ Food is the most loved emotion in this world. We all find ways and means to satiate our tongue with our favorite tastes. While we relish the taste, we often forget to de- worm our body. Usually children are often loaded with glasses of milk throughout the day. While nothing is wrong with the milk, the add-ons we usually put to enhance the taste – chocolate powders and sugars surely need some introspection. The market based formulae are enriched with nutrients along with cocoa powder. In order to make it edible it is infused with sugar making it sweet. While they claim to ‘enhance’ the power of milk, they also instigate the worming process in the body. Along with that, indiscriminate amounts of sugar, chocolates, candies and jaggery are known to cause worms. Not only children but adults also suffer from worms which may go unnoticed for a very long term. Usually no severe symptoms are noted, which often makes us unaware or even ignore the gravity of problem. However there are a few signs which are enough to make us alert with the worm infestation. They are as follows: 1. Lack of appetite, excessive salivation in mouth, nausea 2. Loose stools. Itching near anal region 3. Abdominal cramps. 4. White patches on skin. 5. Feverish feeling throughout the day. Now, all streams of medicine encourage de-worming at regular semesters. However, we in Ayurved believe in practicing it in our day to day lives. It not only prevents the worm infestation but also helps to maintain the gut strength. Following simple methods can be used on day to day basis to avoid worm infections: 1. Half teaspoon of turmeric along with half a glass of water in the morning keeps the worms at a bay 2. Use of black pepper as seasoning in the foods should be encouraged. 3. Garlic should be liberally incorporated in the meals. (Cooked form is better for those who have gastric problems, Chronic Acidity and Headache) 4. Small piece of ginger with rock salt should be consumed before meals (Should be avoided by those who have gastritis, Chronic Acidity and summer season) 5. Liberal use of pomegranates, drumsticks, carrots should be done in everyday diet. While these regular practices can keep the worms away, the best way to de-worm is to avoid the worms! It can be done by: 1. Restricting the consumption of sweets, chocolates, candies, sugar and jaggery. 2. Fermented food and bakery products. 3. Avoid raw food. These simple methods can be used in our everyday lives and would help us avoid the worms. Still if the problems persist, it is advisable to consult an Ayurvedic physician on a priority basis. Ayurved is a science which not only deals with diseases and its medicine, but it also emphasizes on the prevention of diseases. Ayurved teaches us many ways and means to prevent the diseases. Start consulting an Ayurved physician for a better knowledge about your health.

Vd.Satyavrat Nanal, Vd.Pooja Gupte

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